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MeReporter.Com is Free Open News/Content Publishing Platform. On MeReporter.Com,  your News/Contents will never be banned, until we get an Legal Order from Court of Law with clear instructions to remove and/or ban the News/Contents, that is mostly not possible for Real/True News or Contents, so publishing News/Contents on MeReporter.Com is worry free. Or you can say that MeReporter.Com platform is banned Free Platform for raising your truth / voice.

Our sales/marketing team members, management team members, technical team members and volunter team member and other millions of individuals are searching, analysing, and selecting some of the news contents and publish it on MeReporter.Com,

Some contents are posted from other website(s) automatically by copying, by RSS Feeds, or by auto fetching systems,  in such case, it is always published in its original form, i.e. without modifying contents, author name, ownership etc….

News/Contents are published here by Millions of Individuals, by millions of volunters, by millions of professional reporters. We can not control all of the news published on this Portal.

So herewith we request all of the concern authors, editors, publishers, owners etc…, in general, If any of published / posted contents on MeReporter.Com are owned by you but published by other and if you do not wish to grant permission for use of the same, please write to us (Email us on), AND/OR we will immediately remove your news/contents within 24 hours.

We are not responsible for any legal, financial, technical, social, commercial, civil, criminal, judicial, non judicial, and/or any other types of losses because of published news/contents on MeReporter.Com, once we got information about wrongly published news/contents of other’s copywrite, TM, Patent, I.P., ownership, etc…, we will remove it within 24 hours.

Your use of the online service, will automatically considered as your consent to our Legal Terms, Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, Online Publishing Policy, and all other legal, judicial and/or non judicial terms of present and of future changed as per requirement of time and experienced from mistakes. We are updating our Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, Advertisement Policy, Business Policy, Online Publishing and NEWS/Content keeping policy, Legal Terms, Terms of use of our web / app and services and any other existing as well as new policy and/or terms as required from time to time, so if you want to know specific information of any of our policy / terms, please write to us on, and stop using our web, app and/or services till you get reply and satisfied with it. Incase if you do not agree with our reply, please do not use our web, app and/or services.

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Presently MeReporter.Com is not publishing any advertisement on portal, but we are planning to introduce advertisement promotions before and after or inbetween News/Contents Clips. Our News/Contents Reporters / News/Contents Editors / News/Contents Publishers / News/Contents Providers / News/Contents owners will get access to insert Advertisement in their News/Contents and they can decide the cost/price and can earn at their own. If MeReporter.Com will do the advertisement, MeReporter.Com will share 90% revenue to News/Contents owner. So this is the Golden Opportunity for News/Contents Reporters / Publishers / Editors etc… to earn with MeReporter.Com

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Sanjay Shah, Publisher and CEO - MeReporter.Com & 
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