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1 month ago

WhatsApp rival Telegram has launched two new web apps to improve its web performance. The popular messaging platform’s previous web app was said to be full of glitches and it wasn’t as popular as its android or iOS apps. 

Telegram’s two new apps aim to resolve the flaws of its previous web app, which barely got any updates. Previously, users also complained that they weren’t able to send even stickers via the web app. They were also not able to make video calls on the web apps’ previous version. 

Telegram’s two new web apps 

Telegram has named its two apps as Telegram WebK and the Telegram WebZ. Users can send or make video calls on the new Telegram web apps. Both the apps look identical in terms of both features and looks. Therefore, it’s not quite clear now why Telegram launched two separate web apps. 

However, if you take a closer look then you can see minute differences in the user interface of Telegram WebK and the Telegram WebZ. There are also a few differences feature-wise between the two apps. For starters, the WebK version allows users to mute calls but you can’t do so in the WebZ app. 

In WebK, the search bar is white in colour, whereas, it is grey in the WebZ version. But one of the most important features of all, voice calling, is still missing from both apps. Notably, WhatsApp had launched a voice calling feature on its web app a few months ago. While Telegram hasn’t confirmed anything as of now, the company is likely to bring a voice calling feature to its web app soon with an update. 

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