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1 month ago

In a very surprising incident, a man named Nick James in the UK found out that he had received a brand new Apple iPhone instead of some apples that he ordered online.

He only got to know after he went out to collect the groceries from the company’s local store in Twickenham, where he was informed that there was a ‘surprise’ in the box. James opened the box to find an iPhone SE inside.

“Apparently we ordered apples and randomly got an Apple iPhone! Made my son’s week!” James tweeted informing that he also received the fruits. “I was half expecting the surprise to be an Easter egg or something – I was a little bit shocked, to say the least,” James told the Daily Mirror.

According to media reports, this whole incident was a “surprise”  and it was part of the promotional campaign called “super substitute” where Tesco Mobile is surprising ‘click and collect’ members by replacing their orders.

“Tesco Mobile is giving away 80 items in total until April 18 at a handful of stores. Winners are chosen at random, and you need to purchase certain items to be in with a chance of getting a ‘super substitute’,” Metro explained.

“Tesco Mobile’s ‘Super Subs’ has been created to show how amazing things can happen when the worlds of supermarket and mobile come together – all while putting a smile on shopper’s faces,” Tesco said in a statement.

As part of the campaign, few of the customers received AirPods and Samsung Galaxy devices.

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