BSNL launches Rs 299, Rs 399 and Rs 555 DSL broadband plans: Here’s what it offers | Technology News

2 months ago

State-owned BSNL has unveiled three new DSL broadband plans priced at Rs 299, Rs 399, and Rs 555. Unlike high-speed internet plans,  the DSL broadband plans from the PSU offer slow-speed internet. 

It has recently launched the cheapest plan for Rs 47 which is aimed at increasing its user base.

The Rs 299, Rs 399 and Rs 555 DSL broadband plans come with just 10 Mbps speeds.

Named as ‘100GB CUL’’BSNL’s Rs 299 DSL broadband plan includes 10 Mbps speeds till 100GB, after which the speeds will be reduced to 2 Mbps. This plan will be available for six months only and first-time users can subscribe to the Rs 299 plan for the first six months, after which the ISP will migrate them to the Rs 399 DSL plan.

Also, a security deposit of Rs 500 is needed to get this Rs 299 plan.

Also known as the ‘200GB CUL’ broadband plan, the Rs 399 DSL plan has the same 10 Mbps speeds up to 200GB and it is offering post FUP speeds of 2 Mbps with this plan as well. This DSL broadband plan also requires a security deposit of Rs 500.

Meanwhile, the Rs 555 DSL Broadband plan offers 10 Mbps speeds up to 500GB and unlimited data at 2 Mbps speeds. It also offers unlimited voice calling benefits.

The Rs 299 and Rs 555 DSL Broadband plans from BSNL are available to both new and existing users. The new plans will go live on March 1, 2021.

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