#iPhoneScam trending on Twitter for a serious reason, but memers and funny tweets steal the show | Technology News

2 months ago

New Delhi: The hashtag ‘#iPhoneScam’ was trending on Twitter on February 17 for a very serious reason, but memes are memes, as they spare nothing.

Several Twitter users were posting about how a fraudster was duping people by promising to offer new iPhones are very low prices. The scam highlighted by a YouTuber, that consecutively followed with a series of tweets, has started to trend. YouTuber Nishant Kumar Singh has uploaded a video alleging Neel Patel, Squeaks Media, of multiple scams. Singh tweeted:

Responding to the tweet, Patel wrote:

There has been a lot of back and forth, allegations, counter allegations on the #iPhoneScam issue on Twitter. Meanwhile, Memers had a field day on the trending issue. Check out some funny memes:

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